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New interactive graphic documentary

Following « Anne Frank in Mangaland », we’re developing a new interactive graphic documentary, also in coproduction with Arte France.

Between The Lines

Chronology of a Traumatism

A 20 x 3′ series of short animation films about WW1, by Linda Cerqueda and Antoine Silvestri.

entre les lignes

“Between The Lines” is a stop-motion animation series consisting of 20 short 3’ films. The narrative arch is based on events drawn from people’s diaries. Through these first-hand accounts of WW1 witnesses, the aim is not so much to trace the broad lines of History with a capital H, as to sneak between those lines and document the way human beings lose control of their lives when they are blown away, crushed, overtaken by irrational events of that magnitude.

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  • It’s over
    The Subreal adventure is over. Follow me at
  • Anne Frank — Digital Creation Award
    Our interactive graphic novel, Anne Frank in Mangaland, gets the digital creation award at the French Youth Book Fair....
  • Here we go again
    First day of extreme shoot for our new super-secret, interactive graphic novel with Arte Web....

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It's over!
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