General Ishiwara — The Man Who Triggered The War (2012)

A documentary film directed by Paul Jenkins, written by Bruno Birolli, Olivier Heinemann, Guillaume Podrovnik and Stéphanie Roussel

From 1889 to 1949, General Kanji Ishiwara’s military, ideological and political career took in the key moments of Japanese History, in a most spectacular and novel-like way. It included the forced opening of Japan to the West under the Meiji government, the Hiroshima disaster, the attack on China, as well as the Tokyo Trials, and Pearl Harbour.

Most Europeans believe the Second World War started on 1st September 1939, the day the German Army invaded Poland. They also think that the conflict spread to Asia on 7 September 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. In fact, the origins of the conflict go back well before then, namely on 18 September 1931 when Manchuria was invaded by a now-forgotten Japanese general: Ishiwara Kanji. From the 1920s onwards, he set out to propel Japan on a path of confrontation with America and its Allies.

This fascinating story sheds a new light on the Pacific War. One of its many strong points is the fact that Ishiwara filmed his men in the military, his daily life, his social life, by himself with a Pathé Baby 9.5mm. A unique opportunity to see this period through the eyes of one of its key players.

Sales: Arte France Distribution

Anne Frank in Mangaland (2012)

An interactive graphic documentary by Alain Lewkowicz, Samuel Pott, Vincent Bourgeau and Marc Sainsauve

Digital Creation Award, Montreuil Youth Book Fair, 2013

Butterfly Holocaust (2012)

A supershort animation film by Guillaume Podrovnik and Antoine Silvestri


Argentina — The Most Beautiful Country in The World… (2011)

A webdocumentary by David Gormezano

Best Web-documentary Award, WebTV Festival, 2011.


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