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Subreal Productions manufactures (as quickly as possible) a maximum of (brillant) cultural goods from now on until the (imminent and final) disappearance of Western civilization (as we know it), in order to (humbly) contribute to having archeologists (from the future) not making fun of us (quite as much).

In case that fails, Subreal productions also manufactures (as a back-up option) incomprehensible and idiotic terms like “mix-media”, in order to confuse archeologists from the future and delay the moment when they finally realize that, towards the end, Western civilization almost exclusively dedicated itself to producing idiotic terms in order to hide its sterile creations, mostly by fear of ridicule.

Subreal Productions was created by Guillaume Podrovnik, comic book and radio comedy author (The Subrealism Manifesto, Arte Radio), Web site designer, and previously in charge of the production of academic reviews for the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China (CEFC), script doctor for kungfu animation films in Hong Kong (DCDC corp.) and political cartoonist in the local press (HK magazine, bc Magazine, Apple Daily, etc.) where he lived for seven years.

Latest News

  • It’s over
    The Subreal adventure is over. Follow me at www.podrovnik.com....
  • Anne Frank — Digital Creation Award
    Our interactive graphic novel, Anne Frank in Mangaland, gets the digital creation award at the French Youth Book Fair....
  • Here we go again
    First day of extreme shoot for our new super-secret, interactive graphic novel with Arte Web....

Subreal Productions

It's over!
Follow me at www.podrovnik.com